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On August 23, 2009 by MSF Technologies Team


If you want to own a website, then you have to definitely think about web hosting too. A website contains a collection of web pages and can be referred as computer files which usually contains text files and pictures. These files will have to be stored in a super computer along with high speed internet connection. These computers are known as servers. All your files will be put on the servers. It is the web hosting providers who provide such services. It is the web hosting company who are responsible to host your website. The servers which contain the files are located in a particular place called data center. A data center is in the form of a room or a building. It is here were fast internet connection to servers is provided. It also provides security entrance, fire protection, electricity backup etc. One must understand that a server is quite different from a personal computer. A personal computer may have 1 processor, 1 hard disk drive and 1 power supply but a powerful server will usually have 2 or more processor. This facilitates the server to work faster and process more applications at the same time. Hence, websites are always hosted on servers and not on personal computers.

You don’t have to invest huge money on endure technical issues in order to build and maintain your web hosting infrastructure. In a traditional hosting account, you would be allowed to host only 1 domain per hosting account. This would be considered as a waste of your money because most of the time you will not be using more than 10% of your given disk space and bandwidth. This will happen because hosting accounts today usually come with very large disk space and bandwidth. It will be unfair to still pay more for more domains when you have plenty of disk space left. So, I must say that the future of web hosting can be related to multiple domain hosting. By using multiple domains hosting, you are actually making full use of your disk space and bandwidth.

In today’s times, the most common level of web hosting is shared hosting or so called “virtual hosting”. Based on the speed of the server, it can easily host more than 1000 websites without any problem. In this case, the users who are using the same server will share the same resources of it. Example: disk space, bandwidth, memory etc. This technique makes the hosting affordable because you end up paying only a portion of the server fee instead of the entire server. It is estimated that over 95% of websites of the internet are usually hosted on shared hosting environment. There is also another concept of so called “dedicated server” where you can choose to rent the entire server for your own use. Also, there are times when you can share a server with another user and this means that you are using a semi dedicated server. In the case of a managed hosting which is also called as dedicated hosting, you will rent the server from the web host. You are not the owner of the server. If you choose to buy a server instead of renting it then you will have to place it in a data center. It all depends upon your web hosting requirement.

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