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On August 24, 2009 by MSF Technologies Team

Changing Web Hosts – Tips on Moving Your Website

You have to take the services of web hosts to run your website. Often you keep on changing web hosts simply because of the services and advantages of different servers. Apparently it is not a big deal to change web hosts. But actually it needs more care than you think. It is good to avoid the long term contracts with the web hosts because you may have better option later with the new server but you are still depending to the old one. If you have finally decided to change your webhost, keep some tips in your mind while changing web hosts.

Copy All Your Files

This is the first and most important step for to changing your web host. It is important to advisable to have the backup of your files and contents although it may be stored on the server as well. You can save your contents on hard disk or some other storage devise. FTP gives you ability to download your files and copy them as well to your next location. Already existing file manger feature lets you perform this task quite easily.

Internal Links

Make sure that your internal links are not programmed to the old URL. These links can become hard coded after being set up on new server. You will have no problem with the internal links if you select same domain name.

DNS Record

Update your DNS records at the registration with new company in case of moving your domain name to the new server. Make sure to point the name to the new web host while purchasing new domain

Link With Old Site

When you have settled with the new server, it is good to keep your old site active for few days. It is because some customers will still be visiting the old one and from there they can be redirect to the new one. It is good idea to keep old site active for the convenience of clients. The visitors will easily access your new domain by redirecting from the old one. You can leave your old server once you have started the new site and you start receiving mails on new server. You may cancel it after few days.

Changing web hosts is not a simple thing, it can be very challenging. You can do it very easily by following these tips.


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