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On September 16, 2009 by MSF Technologies Team

Search Engine Optimization for WordPress have never been easier! Vibe SEO Pack is a powerful and easy to use search engine optimization WordPress plugin.

No coding skills needed to use this plugin. In fact, you do not need to edit a single file in order to have the best search engine optimization solution for your WordPres driven website.

Out of the box solution for those who are not familiar with search engine optimization techniques, just install the plugin and you are ready to go! Intermediate and advanced users can make fine tuning to their websites (nofollow and noindex tags to specific pages and links, set up custom keywords and description to each post, revisit after tag, author tag, an many more).

One major difference to other SEO plugins is that Vibe SEO Pack has integrated Google tools like Google Webmaster tag implementation and Google Analytics code integration.

To avoid duplicate content penalties by Google, Vibe SEO Pack has canonical link tag automatically integrated as well.

Some of Vibe SEO Pack’s features:

  • Homepage auto and manual keywords and description.
  • Revisit after and author meta tag.
  • Category names to be used as keywords.
  • Automatic or manual keywords and description for posts.
  • Set up pages with noindex tag.
  • Set up links with nofollow attribute.
  • Insert Google Webmaster tag and Google Analytics code into your page just by
    copying your code into the plugin menu.

You can set up the followings:

Homepage keywords and description, Author and “Revisit After” meta tags, category names to be used as keywords, optional keywords and description for articles and pages, but also automatically generated by the plugin, to set which pages to have noindex tags or which links to have noffolow attribute.

Major difference between Vibe SEO Pack and other out of the box WordPress SEO plugins is that you can add your Google Analytics code and Google Webmaster tag with just a copy and paste in your web page without editing a single line of code and same is for all other options.


  1. Unzip vibe-seo-pack zip archive and upload it to wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate vSlider WordPress plugin
  3. Go to Vibe SEO Pack options page and add your keywords and/or custom
  4. Good to GO…


Download Vibe SEO Pack WordPress Plugin

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