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On August 24, 2009 by MSF Technologies Team

Managed vs. Collocation Hosting – What to consider?

When you start your online business, you will have to find the web servers who can host your website. Its up to you whether to select managed host or collocation host. Both of them offer very supportive features, you can select anyone according to requirements of your business and web sites.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting will be essential for the leasing space on shared server. The hosting company will manage all the requirements for running your websites online. Managed hosting provides you all the facilities and maintains the server and upload networking equipment, necessary software for email account, internet connections and data backups and much more. It has become the most popular choice and it is very cost efficient as well. In this environment you will have the access to server make changes at your own. You can manage your website quite easily. Managed hosting will be responsible for network and internet connectivity and general maintenance. You can run multiple websites on this server quite easily under one domain name. Reliable performance and absolute security are main features of managed hosting. You can enjoy the efficient customer support round the clock. Managed hosting will help you to maintain your server for maximum performance.

Collocation Hosting

If you are new to the online business and don’t know much about web hosts then collocation server is good for you. In the collocation environment you will have facility to purchase and own the server. This server will be equipped with the essential software to run your online business. You yourself can set the equipment and configure software. You can purchase and choose the combination which is perfect for your business and website. You can easily install the software which you select and choose for your website and business, at the collocation server data facility. A specific space is provided to you for this purpose. This space is known as cabinets and servers reside here. You can have the support on your request. Fee will be charged for the maintenance of collocation servers. They provide you security, power and bandwidth and other essential requirements.

Now with these details you can compare these two and choose the appropriate one. All the essentials are provided in the managed hosting while in a collocation server, you will do all by yourself. All the server environments are good depending on your requirements.


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