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On August 24, 2009 by MSF Technologies Team

Linux Hosting: The Perfect Solution For Your Small Business

There was a time when web hosting was a big deal and it was out of question for small businesses. But now due to technology, dynamic websites with professional touch can easily be created. Now web hosting has become extremely affordable. Normally there are two choices for the web host servers. The first and the most common option is Windows. The other one is Linux hosting. Although it is not much popular but still it is most stable operating system.

Easy to Use and Affordable

Linux hosting has become the preferred hosting for the many users mainly due to simplicity and affordability. It is a good choice for startup businesses. Scalability and stability are main features of this environment. Linux has been reckoned as most secure operating system and it is ideal for the businessmen. It is quite easy to use. The cost efficiency is another feature of Linux hosting. It is usually known as a cheap web host but with so many benefits. It you are a small company working on a strict budget then Linux environment is the best environment for you. Linux hosting provides all the essential features for your websites like email accounts, MYSQL database and web building tools etc.

Open Source

Developers can easily get the source code of Linux and then use it to their will. The GNU project will make it possible for open source nature. The developers have enhanced its community by using more of it. Some of the reasons that makes it perfect are reliability and speed. This operating system can perform much faster as compared to Windows. This will help your business to run safely online.


The most important thing for the web process is the programming language. The programming languages like PHP, Perl, Python, JavaScript and so many other languages are available to make your job easier. These languages assist to make the web pages and enhance the functionality of websites significantly. Linux web servers are more comprehensive and they are more supportive than Microsoft technologies like ASP.NET and others. Linux environment is very powerful with so many interactive functions and e-commerce features.
Linux hosting provides you many variations for your websites. You can access the services of shared hosting, dedicated or fully managed hosting and all these features will support your business to great extent. If you want to start your business online then Linux hosting is the perfect solution especially when the business is small. Linux hosting provides maximum security to your small business.


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